Key Extended Hours Program (KEHP)

Policies and Procedures










KEHP/2023-2024 After Care Closings

There will be no KEHP/2023-2024 After Care on the following days:


Wednesday, October 25 (Staff Meeting)

Tuesday, November 21 (Thanksgiving)

Thursday, December 21 (Winter Break)

Wednesday, January 24 (Staff Meeting)

Wednesday, February 21 (Staff Meeting)

Friday, March 22 (Science Fair)

Friday, April 12 (Spring Break)

Wednesday, May 22 (Staff Meeting)

Monday, June 17 (Last Day of School)


Key Extended Hours Program (KEHP) provides before- and afterschool childcare for Key Elementary School families. KEHP offers a fun and enriching environment supervised by teachers and aides familiar with the children. Both the before and after care programs include support for homework as well as supervised play time. KEHP emphasizes a flexible, low-key atmosphere that allows children to relax and have fun. Games, crafts, toys, and books are available to children. In addition, children play outside every afternoon, weather permitting.

This is a PTO-provided service available to a limited number of students currently enrolled at Key School and parents/caregivers that are paid members of the PTO.


  • Beforecare operates daily from 7:30 am – 8:30 am.
  • Aftercare operates daily from 3:15 pm - 6:00 pm.


KEHP is committed to ensuring every student feels physically and emotionally safe, supported and engaged in our before and after-school community.


Every KEHP staff member cultivates a welcoming, positive, safe, orderly, and healthy environment that is student-centered, developmentally appropriate, and supports teaching, learning and positive mental health.


The KEHP program is staffed by employees of the PTO, and members of the Key School faculty who are employed by the PTO during KEHP hours. The KEHP Director, Mrs. Ann Conway, and Assistant KEHP Director Ms. Nancy Reynaud are assisted by various Key School teachers and support staff,




Enrollment for KEHP normally begins around June of the year. To register for KEHP, parents/caregivers must execute a contract either electronically via Membership Toolkit or via hardcopy to the KEHP Director.


 To enroll in KEHP, you are requires to have made the following payments in full:

  1. PTO Dues
  2. KEHP non-refundable Annual Registration Fee
  3. Bulk Supplies Fee for each student
  4. The first month's KEHP tuition


The KEHP Director, in consultation with the PTO Co-Presidents and Treasurer(s), has the sole authority to make decisions regarding a child's eligibility for the KEHP program, in accordance with the policies set out in this contract, which have been approved by the PTO.


For parents/caregivers that have been accepted into KEHP – please check your account under New Forms for a copy of your contract, payment methods and the policies and procedures relevant to KEHP.





Due to the popularity of KEHP and the fact there are a limited number of spaces, there is a list of families waiting for spaces in KEHP (the “Waitlist”). Students are placed on the KEHP Waitlist in the order in which they apply. Typically, the Beforecare program (which is offered 5 days a week) does not have a waitlist, as there are enough spots for students that require care before school hours.


When a KEHP spot becomes available for the Aftercare program, which may be for one or more days, the KEHP Director offers the available day(s) in the following order:


  • Families with younger siblings of students who are already in Aftercare are offered the same day(s) that the older sibling has;
  • Current Aftercare families are offered those vacant days to add to their existing Aftercare days; and
  • Any remaining Aftercare days are offered to the next student on the Waitlist.


To join the KEHP Waitlist:

  • The student must already be enrolled at Key School; and
  • The parent/caregiver must be a paid member of the PTO at the time they join the Waitlist.
  • The parent/caregiver should contact <s. Conway via email to be added to the Waitlist.


To remain on the KEHP Waitlist:

  • The student must remain enrolled at Key School;
  • The parent/caregiver must annually confirm they wish to remain on the Waitlist with MS. Conway via email; and
  • The parent/caregiver must remain a paid member of the PTO for the duration of the time spent on the Waitlist.


If you are offered a spot at KEHP from the Waitlist, you will be notified by email and you will have 2 days in which to confirm your acceptance. If no acceptance is received KEHP will move onto the next family on the Waitlist.




KEHP follows DCPS’ calendar and closings. There is no Aftercare on half-days or on days of early closings due to weather. There is no Beforecare on days with delayed opening due to weather. In addition, Aftercare will be closed on the following days:


  • The first and last day of the school year
  • The Friday of or before the Thanksgiving break,
  • The day before the Christmas/Holiday break,
  • The Friday before Spring break,
  • The day of the Key School Science Fair
  • 4 days over the course of the year for scheduled Staff Meetings


Specific dates will be shared with parents/caregivers and a reminded of these scheduled closings at least two weeks in advance. There are no refunds for closings.





To ensure a well-managed program that meets the needs of each enrolled child, KEHP is not structured to accommodate morning and afternoon drop-ins. Similarly, to maintain a proper teacher-student ratio, KEHP only has room for children on their pre-approved days. Exceptions are possible only in consultation with the KEHP Director and at a fee of $20 per student.





Financial Assistance is available on a sliding scale. Please contact KEHP Director, Mrs. Ann Conway, if you require Financial Assistance.